Insert awkward first blog here…

As mentioned in the tagline this is my life, 100% as it happens.  My exaggeration is obvious and hopefully not too distracting.  I’m stressing this because the theme of the blog is that if I wasn’t living this life, I really wouldn’t believe how it goes down.

There is a lot of back story but that’s usually boring and even I’ll probably lose interest after a few minutes so I’ll promise to add a sticky post or page about the past as soon as I can manage it but hopefully each story will get the gist across by itself.

Please don’t worry… this is not some self pitying, ignorant high tech diary for me to show to numerous shrinks and councellors when I finally give into insanity and commit myself.  I’m always being told I have good amounts of wit about the shit that happens in my life and those around me and as the book industry now consists of 3 old men reguritating bollocks to the 5 people who don’t read online or tablets, I’m writing a blog.