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as my best friend said yesterday “What is it about us that means we cant go a day without an agruement?”  I will always answer that with the sweeping statement that people are stupid and she will laugh but the truth is it is because we are intelligent, passionate, strong women who have had to stand up for ourself so much we now do it naturally.

Nature is actually at the centre of my latest row coincidentally enough (do you see what I did there?!).  I am a self confessed cat lady, I prefer my cat (and everyone elses) to most humans… all humans and when I’m not talking to or playing with him I’m watching cat vids and reading forums.  One of the main forums I visit is an American one called Catster.

Yesterday I noticed an article about whether you should let your pet cat outside or not and when I clicked I saw it was written by a cat behaviourist (I know right… it is america though!).  She even has letters after her name!  So I obviously expected the article to say yes of course let your cat out unless it has cat aids or some other health issue… I was literally horrified to read the most dogmatic blog (if my English teacher could have read it she would have to apologise about that censorship project I did when I was 15!) preaching that if you let your cat out for 30 secs he will be eaten by dogs, run over, poisoned by anything you could think of, beaten to death by hooligans etc etc… letting a cat outside is a death sentense and anyone who would allow it is a terrible ‘parent’.

Im seeing red just thinking about it!

i replied to the OP pointing out that it is unbelievably cruel and continued reading.  Everyone who had believed her bullshit had a little well done comment next to it and comments from the OP like “hopefully with more education and training it will (England) will change its ways and keep their cats safe”.  to which I responded something along the lines of “hopefully america will listen to a country older and wiser than itself and stop torturing cats by trapping them inside”.

If she can use emotive language than so shall I (and I shall be much better at it!).

A few people tried to make lame excuses and the OP refused (so far) to tell me exactly what qualifications she holds and where she got them from (“because if they are from anywhere other than the internet id like to complain!”) I pointed out that cars, dogs, other cats and people are not reasons to keep an animal inside and tbf England has all those things and we let our pets be pets…

In fact in the Animal Welfare Act 2006 it is stated that 1 of the 5 things an owner must give their pet by law is the ability to behave naturally.  Cats are naturally outside animals, predetors etc… so anyone who keeps a cat inside in my interpretation of the law of this land (that i strangely know more about than a German living on a Spanish island!) is illegal.

I know how important pets are, my cat is one of my only friends, but I am not a selfish person.  I went for years without a cat when I desperately wanted one but living in flats and constantly moving was not a good environment for a cat so I unselfishly didnt get one.

But I guess if you called a bunch of crazy people selfish morons there’s going to be a bit of a backlash…

Talking about crazy people I had never heard of Katie Hopkins till Peaches Geldof tore her a new one on this morning.  I had never paid Ms Geldof much attention, agreeing with the majority that she was a talent less child of celebrities, albiet a pretty tragic one but when I saw the video I had to give her some respect.  Hopkins is obviously coked off her tits and/or phished up and just keeps making personal, patronising digs at Peaches who looks like the model young mum.  Schofield does his best to referee and Holly Whatsherface says nothing (as personal issues might get in the way!)  After a shaky start Peaches come out of her shell a bit and stands up for herself succinctly, intelligently and given her ‘opponant’ bravely.  She was obviously not taking part in a fad and cared about what she was talking about (her kids so I guess obviously).  At points she just throws her hands up in frustration at Hopkins rudeness and general bullshit.  i could of done better (and still hope one day i get the chance to try) but ive got 12 years Ms Geldof…

*had 😦

im not ashamed to admit Ive shed more than 1 tear over her sudden death yesterday evening.  i never met her, im usually emotionally retarded but the sheer tragedy that someone so young and still finding herself can just be gone.  Bob Geldof’s statement is what really got the waterworks flowing especially this bit

“Writing ‘was’ destroys me afresh. What a beautiful child. How is this possible that we will not see her again? How is that bearable?”


“Tom and her sons Astala and Phaedra will always belong in our family, fractured so often, but never broken.”

at the time of writing this the cause of her sudden demise is still unknown although no drugs or suicide notes were found.  if i had to bet i would go for suicide, the last thing she tweeted was an ominous picture of her and her mum, the last video of her shows her looking lackluster and maybe even sad… 2 kids under 2, she might well of had post natal depression; that added to a life in the public eye and never getting over your mum’s death (who could at 11?) might well outway all the good things she had in her life.

However it happened I hope it was quick and that she was at peace.