So a little bit about me to hopefully explain some of my rantings…

I’m pretty much middle aged and although I have a good body for my age and complete absence of exercise, I’m wrinkling, sagging and greying at an alarming rate.  I also smell pretty rank which doesn’t help my perpetual loneliness or job prospects.

I am unemployed mainly because the only thing I can prove I can do I can’t do anymore.  Most of the humour in this blog will probably come from my daily dealings with the DWP, who continue to hinder my job search to the point that my doctor has had to sign me off from signing on so I can try to find a job!  If I wasn’t living it…!

I have a pretty impressive list of medical ailments (not as long as my dad’s but he’s got 30 years on me), some mental, some physical ranging from severe back pain to PTSD (bought on by prescribed sleeping tablets; when I told the doctor about the flashbacks and overwhelming urge to kill myself he told me to just forget about the traumatic events that have happened to me!).

It would be fair to say I dislike most people.  I can tolerate a lot of different people but only for short periods.  I much prefer animals.

I hope to remain anonymous for reasons which will become obvious but if you know who I am please don’t tell!  Well tell me to minimise embarrassment but nobody else.


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